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“When we learn who our ancestors were, we learn who we are.”

I belong to several genealogical societies. It is a great way to help societies that very rarely receive government funding and most often rely on volunteers and donations. My membership dues help protect our history.

Historical societies hold a bevvy of unknown primary genealogical sources, most often from local sources such as: almshouse logs, doctor’s logs, survey books, original wills and deeds, family photo albums, and scrap books. You would be surprised to find that sometimes a family’s history is found thousands of miles away.

I use these genealogical gems in my research along with the wonderful state, university, and local libraries, house museums, town halls, historical graveyards (a jaunt through the woods is a fun day outing), and so many more sources to help you reconnect with your history.

I spent many years conducting crime scene investigations and forensic analysis in the Los Angeles County, CA area. For 20 years, genealogy was my part time hobby.

I helped family members and successfully conducted research for my Daughters of American Revolution (DAR) application. Once I decided to turn my fun hobby into a fun full time career, I immediately starting taking certificate classes, attending local lectures, webinars, and conferences so I could learn as much as possible from as many people as possible. I firmly believe in gaining and sharing knowledge.

My forensic skills help me think about clues differently and see the small details that may lead to knocking down the brick wall or identifying the false lead.

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National University
California State University
Boston University
ProGen Study Group
Association of Professional Genealogists
New England APG
National Genealogical Society


“Highly Recommend Donna for genealogy work!! Donna went above and beyond searching for an elusive ancestor. She left no stone unturned and had many creative ideas. Additionally her report and research log were extremely detailed and will be invaluable to refer back to time and time again. Thank you for all you assistance!!”
Robyn C.
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“I worked with Donna recently and had an excellent experience. Donna was timely and helpful in retrieving some death certificates for my company in Connecticut. She was communicative and even provided additional information and recommendations when the search led to some unexpected findings. Would highly recommend.”
Katy B.

“I asked Donna to provide birth, death and marriage certificates to submit with my wife’s application for membership in the Mayflower Society. She not only procured every certificate that was required, but did it very professionally and quickly. I highly recommend her services!”
Robert G.

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