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Nov 18, 2020 | by Donna Brandelli

Genealogy Books
These are some of the research books to which I refer when I’m conducting research.

Did you know that colonial New Englanders were captured and enslaved by pirates of North African countries? Some bound reprinted stories are available. (see James Riley’s, “Authentic Narrative”).

Did you know that many colonists were captured by the Native Americans after raiding parties and ransomed or kept? (See Mary Rowlandson’s, “The History of the Captivity of Mrs Mary Rowlandson”).

Let me help you find an interesting story about your ancestors.

Connecticut Genealogy

Donna Brandelli

Donna specializes in early New England colonial history. She combines the knowledge of personal ancestral colonial affiliation to New England, coupled with expertise in forensic science, to find the elusive clues to identify long lost ancestors.

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